Annual Support Programs

After Sales Service and Warranty Support

Kardex VCA offers all industrial machines with a 24 month factory warranty. Our new office machines are offered with a 12 month factory warranty. In this time we will ensure the satisfactory operation of your equipment and system.

Kardex VCA is not an agent for an international equipment supplier. When you deal with Kardex VCA, you can be assured that we will take full responsibility for the correct and timely operation of your new system. There is no confusion where the responsibility lies. It lies with us.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Kardex VCA provides annual Preventative Maintenance Programs for your equipment. The program may comprise 1, 2 or 3 site visits annually depending on the intensity of your system operation.

For a biannual program, Kardex VCA will schedule the program at +3 and +9 months and you will be contacted by your local service agent to schedule the service at a mutually agreeable time within the scheduled month.

As a current subscriber to this program, you will be offered a renewal program each following year.

Site Support Program

Kardex VCA offers an annual Site Support Program. This program is generally taken in conjunction with a Preventative Maintenance Program and provides up to 8hrs of accumulated Customer Service support over the 12 month period.

Support is provided for all aspects of your operational activities and can be via phone, fax, email or remote console support. The program can be taken in isolation.