On-Demand Assistance

Our Customer Service Team can assist you with any inquiry you may have about your Vertical Storage System; whether the inquiry relates to an operational aspect of one of your machines to the optimum manner to integrate your system with an ERP or WMS.

Contact Customer Service for a quotation for once off servicing, software upgrades or to relocate, upgrade or refurbish your older equipment. Kardex VCA is regularly undertaking 'Safety' upgrades on older systems and introducing current technology safety light curtains into existing control systems.

Control System upgrades are available for all Carousels manufactured by Kardex VCA since 1988 (VCA range of machines) as well as electronic upgrades for Kardex Lektrievers or Industrievers sold previously by Pitney Bowe or Remington Pitney.

Kardex VCA holds a comprehensive range of spare parts for all of our equipment. All spares are available from our Wodonga factory with common spare parts held by Service Agents.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information:

1300 555 101
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