Vertical Carousel

The ultimate in productivity, security and space efficiency

Kardex Vertical Carousel Systems bring the goods to the operator. In doing so, travelling time is eliminated, picking accuracy is guaranteed and floor space savings are significant.

For many companies, vertical carousels are the most cost effective and efficient storage and retrieval system currently available.

The advantages of vertical carousels can be summarised as follows:

  • 200 Line items, per hour, per carousel, are achievable in both batch picking and continuous picking modes.
  • One person can operate multiple carousels simultaneously.
  • Due to the high density, vertical principal of the system, over 100 m2 of conventional storage area can often be condensed into a footprint of 8 m2 (Subject to adequate overhead space).

System integration

wCARMAN, Kardex VCA's proprietary inventory management and carousel control software provides functionality to operate as either a stand-alone unit or interfaced to host ERP / MRP systems such as SAP, BPICS, etc.

wCARMAN was designed for the warehouse, storeroom, factory or workshop environment. It is therefore extremely simple to operate. Bar code scanners, weigh scales and label printers can easily be added to integrate seamlessly with standard carousel functions.

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