Kardex Remstar Australia is your 'full scope' supplier of automated small footprint Vertical Storage equipment, software systems to suit your specific requirements and machine service and maintenance programs.

Kardex VCA is the leading Australian manufacturer of Vertical Carousels and a leading supplier of Vertical Storage Systems with more than 350 sites and 750 machines installed across Australia and New Zealand.

If item storage or distribution is an important element of your business activites Kardex Remstar is sure that the introduction of a Vertical Storage System into your facility will have obvious and measureable benefits. System justification becomes absolutely compelling when productivity improvements resulting in increased throughput and the opportunity of staff redeployment can be realised. You can do more with less.

Customised and Flexible Solutions to Secure Your Success in Every Branch of Industry


  • In-house / 3PL Distribution
  • WIP Buffer Storage
  • Tools / Jigs / Die Storage

  • Maintenance Parts Store
  • Spare Parts Storage
  • Document / Archive Storage


  • Automotive
  • Mining and Gas
  • Electronics

  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare


  • High Pick / Place Accuracy
  • Easy System Integration with ERP or WMS
  • Staff Redeployment to high value activities
  • New Opportunity for Floor Space

  • Short Pay Back (Typically 24 months)
  • Low Labour Requirement (1 person / system)
  • Secure, Clean Storage Environment
  • Reduced Product Damage & Shrinkage


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